Our upcoming conference will be held on January 29, 2022 at The University of British Columbia Robson Square, Vancouver, Canada. Registration is open now! Thank you.



Global Conference on Business Management and Economics (GCBME) is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with delegates around the world in areas of management, marketing, international business, human resource management, accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, and economics. Participants benefit from our conference presentations by exploring cutting-edge reviews and investigations in basic and applied research. Thank you for considering attending GCBME. A wide scope of participation will enrich our conference and help us all add significant value and experience to our shared research objectives.


Best Paper Award!

Winner of the Best Paper Award of 5th GCBME 2019, Vancouver

"Securities Regulation in Canada: The Case of IIROC" by Dr. Mark Lokanan; Royal Roads University, Canada

Winner of the Best Paper Award of 4th GCBME 2019, Toronto

"What factors impact savings and investments of Canadian Households" by Dr. Dorjana Nano, Bavneet Singh Nagpal, and Carina Matutia; York University, Canada

Winner of the Best Paper Award of 3rd GCBME 2019, Las Vegas

"Managers’ risk perception - A multiple case study of projects of production internationalization" by Dr. Jalal El Fadil, Assistant Professor, University of Quebec in Rimouski, Canada

Winner of the Best Paper Award of 2nd GCBME 2019, Vancouver

"Moderating effects of consumption domain and consumer characteristics on the impact of tensile price claims" by Professor Dr. Miyuri Shirai, Keio University, Japan

Winner of the Best Paper Award of 1st GCBME 2018, Vancouver

"A Study on Establishing Competitive Advantage Strategies based on Patent Data Investigation using TF-IDF and Network Analysis" by Professor Dr. KyeongSeok Han, Soongsil University, South Korea